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Safety Helpers LLC has "Revolutionized" the Environmental Services Industry, becoming the first Company in the nation to provide the combination of DVD Video Training and "Hands On" Instructor-Led Classroom Training to create:
 the 40 hour HAZWOPER DVD/Classroom Training Certification.

With this option your 32 hour DVD, containing footage from an OSHA Authorized Instructor, is mailed to you. After watching the DVD the student attends an 8 hour "Hands On" Training Session with Safety Helpers LLC to complete the 40 hour HAZWOPER Certification.
Try out what 100's of Companies already know, " The HAZWOPER DVD Training Package from Safety Helpers LLC has saved us thousands of dollars in training costs, man hours, and brought consistency among our Nationwide Safety Program, at the same time we are now in full Compliance with OSHA Standards."

Register here for the Video/Classroom 40 hour HAZWOPER Training Certification exclusively from Safety Helpers.  
Price = $2,500.00 

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How does it work?

According to the OSHA HAZWOPER standards: the 40 hour HAZWOPER training course must include at least 8 hours of "Hands On" training including "Donning and Doffing."

Safety Helpers LLC now offers a 40 hour DVD HAZWOPER package.

The Student purchases the HAZWOPER DVD package from Safety Helpers which includes 32 hours of "filmed" footage and training from a Safety Helpers OSHA Authorized Instructor.
After the student watches the 32 hours of HAZWOPER Instructor-Led training, the student may then register for an eight hour "Hands On" session and Final Exam held by Safety Helpers LLC held nationwide. Upon completion the student receives a valid 40 hour HAZWOPER Certificate and Wallet Card.
How does this benefit the Student?

With this 40 hour DVD HAZWOPER package, the student may now watch the training at their leisure, when and wherever they have a DVD player. A Company would have the option to have a group of students watch the 32 hours of DVD HAZWOPER training, and then could attend an eight hour "Hands On" session with Safety Helpers at a Seminar Class or they could bring in an Onsite Safety Helpers Instructor to hold the "Hands On" session at their facility. Contact us for a Quote.

32 hour Video -  This video is STEP #1 when trying to complete your 40 hour HAZWOPER certification.
 HAZWOPER DVD Package: $2,500.00
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HAZWOPER DVD from This 32 hour DVD will be mailed to you after purchase. This 32 hour HAZWOPER Training DVD contains material from an OSHA Authorized Trainer and satisfies the OSHA HAZWOPER Standards under 29 CFR 1910.120. Note: Students, after watching this 32 hour HAZWOPER DVD, will be instructed to register for an eight hour "Hands On" Training Session from to complete the 40 hour HAZWOPER Certification. This class is specifically designed for workers who are involved in clean-up operations, emergency response operations, and storage, disposal, or treatment of hazardous substances. Each Student who watches the DVD and attends the eight hour "Hands On" Session, receives a Certificate and Wallet Card.
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